Wednesday, January 23, 2008

car angels are really angels !!

As fast the time is going on every matter is going that much complex - In case of the young generation who are meant to serve their parents are not doing the same But they are creating a situation of disappointment for their parents - One case is with my friend who is addicted to drugs and one day he is caught by the officials and now he is in jail , His parents are very disappointed about this Blunder Because they have only one son and now he is in jail - To stop that shit we have to groom certain awareness in our community to stop spreading of this sit in the your generation , This shit not only disappoint your relatives but it also give a big loss to your body , In some cases you can have a lung cancer , To avoid this situation we have to start some campaign to spread awareness in the young community , One such good job is performing by the car angels department , Car angels are working to spread awareness in the young generation by spreading the anti - drugs documentries and by making children animation to lift awareness at the cost of car donation , you can't force someone to stop taking drugs but they thing you can do is that you can emotionally blackmail and thats they main tool which is adopted by most of the organizations , by showing them children animation or anti - drug documentries they really think that its a bad thing and there is a chance that they get themselve side from that shit .In this regards most of the organizations have created rehabiliation centers where guys are given special treatment to get cure and stop taking drugs . Positive children animation not only provide awareness but it also provide good resource for making efforts in the war against Drugs!


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