Thursday, September 21, 2006

Finally a true lover and my best mate life came to an end!

Today when i woke up...i found my friend wajid in front of my door,weeping anxiously,i asked him for the cause he added that one of our friend GOT died in an accident yesterday!!!...firstly i was thinking that he is kidding with me but he faced me to the reality...vividly this was untolarable event for me and my mates because the victim was too close to let me elucidate abit about my friend(atif),who got died,atif was loveable & admireable guy....he was a student of bachlor .. unfortunatly he become in love with his class fellow(naila naz) two years before but she played with this simply guy.She always asked him that she would marry him but two months before she arranged her marriage with her cousion,who is rich and handsome.Afther this event atif's hope died and his life became worst and worst day by day.He was completly tied from his life....but yesterday he died in a car accident ...with his love story burried with him...!!..May God purdon him...and give him place in peradise!


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