Friday, December 15, 2006

Hack windows Xp administrator password having no idea about the old password!

Here is the simple ways to change windows xp password having no idea about the old password.But to do this you should have administration access.once you got admin access then its easy to change the password.
here'r the steps to follow in comand prompt
* go to start=>then click on run =>write here 'cmd',after writing cmd you will enter in the command prompt.
now write the exact commands mentioned below but in place of username you enter the username which you want to hack..i mean change! can't say it hack because you are changing the password after having the admin access.if you are trying to change admin passwor in the the guest account then don't waste your time because its worthless!

step 1:
c:/documents and settings/username>net user username pa55w0rd
The command completed successfully will come then!
step 2:
type net user username*
type a password for the user : // here type any password and press enter.
retype password for the user to confirm: //retype the password as above
The command completed successfully!

By this way you can change the password but you must have administration access if you don't have admin access then you can't change it.This process is for educational purpose don't use it for any illeagal use,thanks.


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