Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scientists Predicted that 2007 will be the warm most year!

There is a 60 percent chance that the average global temperature for 2007 will match or break the record.Here in pakistan we are facing a very cold season but according to the scientist prediction the yera 2007 will be more warm as compared to the previous years and there is more probability the it will break the record!.. The consequences of the high temperatures could be felt worldwide. El Nino, which is now under way in the Pacific Ocean and is expected to last until May, occurs irregularly. But when it does, winters in Southeast Asia tend to become milder, summers in Australia get drier, and Pacific storms can be more intense. The UN’s Food Aid Organization has warned that rising temperatures could wreak agricultural alot of folks in pakistan are planning to move to some cold places as like Muree and Abbottbad!! in pakistan we have to face the itching heat of summer as well as the cold breeze of winter...!!


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