Thursday, September 28, 2006

musharaf's book "In the Line of Fire" got huge demand in market.

On last monday President musharaf's book (In the line of fire) has been published in the local market....As from the book it is seeming that Pakistan would become disputed for Afghanistan, India and the United States after the publication of the book.Infact Gen Musharraf criticised everyone in his memoirs when he was asked to comment on his remarks against ZA Bhutto and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.On the 24th rumour about the overthrow of Musharraf government was nothing but a rumour...due to electric breakdown in tarbela power station people felt that musharaf's government got down... but the people were disappointed after it turned out to be a rumour.This book looks like a manifesto of presidential elections and the book has challenged the integrity of the country and aimed at personal satisfaction instead of national the book is short in the market and people are getting unpatient for that stuff....soo do have a look ..

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Finally a true lover and my best mate life came to an end!

Today when i woke up...i found my friend wajid in front of my door,weeping anxiously,i asked him for the cause he added that one of our friend GOT died in an accident yesterday!!!...firstly i was thinking that he is kidding with me but he faced me to the reality...vividly this was untolarable event for me and my mates because the victim was too close to let me elucidate abit about my friend(atif),who got died,atif was loveable & admireable guy....he was a student of bachlor .. unfortunatly he become in love with his class fellow(naila naz) two years before but she played with this simply guy.She always asked him that she would marry him but two months before she arranged her marriage with her cousion,who is rich and handsome.Afther this event atif's hope died and his life became worst and worst day by day.He was completly tied from his life....but yesterday he died in a car accident ...with his love story burried with him...!!..May God purdon him...and give him place in peradise!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Imran khan is going to build new cancer hospital in peshawar

As from the estimate it is concluded that 30 per cent of the cancer patients visiting the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre belong to the NWFP, so it has been decided to open a clinic here and save the patients from travelling to Lahore. he said that firstly the patient will be examined in peshawar but they can be further refered to lahore branch in critical case!...Now a days pakistan famous cellular company is doing hard with Shaukat Khanum and helping them in collecting money via is easy way to transfer our money to the right place without having trouble then what you peoply are waiting for ??go a head and donate some will pay u on the day of judgement.(please SMS “Life” to “7770″ and help the biggest cancer hospital in Pakistan fight for the lives of the poor)

Monday, September 11, 2006

A series of blast in the front of my eyes yesterday!!boom boom!!

Yesterday night when i was going to vegetable market i saw an unforgetable event of my life ....a series of 3 blast which demolished 5 video shops aside that time i was bit away from the spot.Firstly i was confused that what the hell is going on then after some moments i realized the fact of terrorism,some innocent people died in this desaster...but God bestowed upon me and saved me from that act of terrorism....i m living in hostel & it is in front of vegetable market..when this event happened all of my mates came out of the hostel due to huge last i would say that it was an unforgetable scene of my life!!!