Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Girlz Can make Rulez..why not boys?

I found that picture while surfing and i'm still amazed while thinking over it...This girl is proud of one thing which we boys don't have , so we folks are not supposed to make rules but we can violate the playing with the one who are supposed to make rules ..LoL!! i'm going to make a tea shirt having the following comments on it...' I Born to Violate Rules ' lets RocK!!

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Cristmas and Quaid-e-Azam Day Together makes the day Tarrific...

Three days left for Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah anniversery and ThE Cristmas!!...Thats why i decided to post in this manner a special tribute to Quaid-e-azam and special advance Greeting of 'Cristmas' to all the Cristianes...As both events goes together so Why not Muslims and Cristianes Together??..Why this Question do not come in our mind?..Do we have some enimity?..The reason of this problem is that, that we have no feelings for others an our hearts get spoiled for each other..I Don't know why we don't want to share our pleasure with others wheather its a Cristiane,Muslim or someone else...If i were given the power to administrate on this pleasant Event then i'll first try to create a friendly environment between the two (muslims and cristianes) and when one and one combines then the power enhances and the boom comes in progress!!! So lets shake hands and enjoy this day of 25 december 2006 with marvellous traditions of Cristmas and remembering the Baba-e-Qaum birth day in peacefull environment..OPPS i forgot one thing..Yeah..we have a holiday on 25th dec and i'm planning to go somewhere outside for chilling myself...LOL..!! Hey while surfing i Found one awesome cake which is prepared by one store employee which has 100 diamonds on it and it has the price of 100 million..Emm!!That Cristmas cake must be delicious ...

A Girl Watching the Cristmas Cake In a Shop!
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

First time representation of Pakistan in the Miss Bikini Universe pageant 2006,Mariyah Moten from pakistan participated in it

Mariyah Moten, a 22-year-old US-based Pakistani has participated in Miss Bikini contest 2006 and she got awesome fame overthere but i am wondered after watching it because the dress which she was wearing is simply untolarable..and being as a pakistani i did not like that..there should not be any kind of participation in this type of shit!!..there were alot of pictures on ' ' but i'm feeling shy while posting it and this lady must be abused for her vulgure exposing.

Now another Hell imposed on Pakistani Students!

While reading the dailytimes i found one intresting article
"The Rawalpindi Education Department has decided to impose a new Rs 2 tax on students studying in all schools of Rawalpindi district to raise funds for the computerisation of teachers’ records. The department has finalised all initial arrangements in this respect while negotiations are underway with District Nazim Raja Javed Ikhlas for implementation of the tax" can I now the reason what the hell is doing the government since the pakistan they are going on their way to beg from the students lol..They should provide scholarships to the needy studens rather than asking for money from the students...its really ridiculous!
you can read the complete article at

Friday, December 15, 2006

Hack windows Xp administrator password having no idea about the old password!

Here is the simple ways to change windows xp password having no idea about the old password.But to do this you should have administration access.once you got admin access then its easy to change the password.
here'r the steps to follow in comand prompt
* go to start=>then click on run =>write here 'cmd',after writing cmd you will enter in the command prompt.
now write the exact commands mentioned below but in place of username you enter the username which you want to hack..i mean change! can't say it hack because you are changing the password after having the admin access.if you are trying to change admin passwor in the the guest account then don't waste your time because its worthless!

step 1:
c:/documents and settings/username>net user username pa55w0rd
The command completed successfully will come then!
step 2:
type net user username*
type a password for the user : // here type any password and press enter.
retype password for the user to confirm: //retype the password as above
The command completed successfully!

By this way you can change the password but you must have administration access if you don't have admin access then you can't change it.This process is for educational purpose don't use it for any illeagal use,thanks.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

5 Tarrific Ways to drive traffic to your blog!

Here are the five ways:
* Submint as many directories as you can!
* Submit your blog rss feed to varies rss publishing sites!
* ping your blog whenever you update your blog!
* Use good keyword so that the search engine spider catch it!
* Publish your post at Digg and shoutwire etc..and its the best way to drive traffic!
Follow these instruction and surely you will get 1000+ impression with in few lets Rock Engines!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The SIX secrets of Human Body!!

* A human eyebrow contains approx 550 hairs!
* A human taste bud has a life span of 10 days!
* The middle finger nail grows faster then other fingers!
* The human bodyhas a weighs of 40 times more than the!
* A beard grows an average of 140 mm a year
* The hardest bone in the human body is the jawbone...!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

40 girls are selected in Pakistan Army and they would undergo training to acquire commission in the army as captains

First time in the history of pakistan girls got admitted in PMA kakul where they will be given special training ,other than medical,to acquire commission.These cadets have been selected from all over the pakistan through a usual criteria and they will be given training in signals, electrical and mechanical engineering decipline.After six month training lady cadets will be commissioned as captains and they will serve the nation both in times of war and peace.

Indian Film actress Bipasha basu is now planing to launch her personal website!!

Indian Film actress Bipasha basu is now planing to launch her personal website as the web designing eagerness trend gone in Indian bollywood and most of the celebrities are going to maintain their site personally .she also elucidateed vividly that she will updatethe website personally,Well she seems to be as excited as she was when she signed her first film LOL..Here is her statment ""It will be maintained entirely by me. And it will have regular, almost daily updates of my life…my ideas, thoughts, observations, things that I want to share with my audience.It will have everything about me—pictures of my family, pictures of my family, jottings from my diary…everything that people wanted to know about me". she also intends to update the website daily.She is in deep love with her Laptop and yeah she'll feel superb while updating her site from that loveable 'Laptop'
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